Love Island’s Amy Hart reveals truth about her intimate night with Liam Payne

New Love Island contestant Amy Hart has revealed the details of an intimate night that she enjoyed with Liam Payne.

The 26-year-old flight attendant is hoping to check in with romance during her stay in the villa, when the new series kicks-off on Monday.

Before being chosen to appear on the ITV2 show, Amy was already mixing with some of the biggest celebrities in the country.

Speaking to Closer , Amy revealed that her big night out with Cheryl's ex was almost marred by the former One Direction star being refused entry to a casino that they were hoping to go in.

The intimate time with Liam may have been a few years ago but it was still fresh in Amy's mind, as she revealed details of their time together.

She said: "I met Liam Payne on a night out once, but nothing happened. We’d gone to Funky Budda and these random guys that ran up behind us said, “Ooh come in to VIP with us.”

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"He was in there and walked past and said, 'What’s your name?' And he said, 'I’m Liam!' So I asked for a picture and he said, 'Our table’s over there if you want to come over?'"

Amy was getting on like a house on fire with the singer but the night ended in disappointment.

She continued: "We was dancing all night, but nothing happened. We love a casino at the end of the night out, because you get a cheese toastie and a glass of wine.

"We were like, 'Come to the casino with us!' And he was like. 'I can’t because I’m not 21.'"

Maybe, once Amy has left the villa after the summer, she might get a second chance with Liam, who is seemingly single after a reported romance with Rita Ora finished as 'just good friends'.

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