Love Island’s Charlie Frederick responds to his ex Arabella Chi kissing his ‘friend’ Danny Williams in villa

Charlie Frederick appeared on Love Island in 2018 and dated Arabella Chi before she entered the villa this year.

Charlie is also believed to be friends with fellow model Danny, after he supported him when he joined the show as a late arrival.

Blonde model Charlie then clarified his friendship with Danny, when he took to Twitter on Tuesday night, following Danny and Arabella’s kiss.

Love Island viewers have accused Danny of breaking bro code, by coupling up with Charlie's ex, Arabella.

However, Charlie wrote on Twitter: “Let’s just clarify Danny is not my best mate. I’ve shot with him once. For like an hour, he owes me nothing. It’s love island you gotta do.”

Charlie recently responded to rumours he will be returning to the Love Island villa to confront Arabella.

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The rumour mill went into overdrive earlier this week with reports that Charlie would be heading into the show’s second villa, Casa Amor, after Arabella hinted she was still with Charlie as she made her bombshell arrival.

Speaking to his 326,000 Instagram followers, Charlie said: “Do I look like I’m in Casa Amor? Absolutely not, I’m in London. Relax yourselves.

“Let me just set the record straight, me and Arabella were never girlfriend and boyfriend. We were seeing each other, we were getting together, we were working out what was going on, what we both wanted etc etc, we were never girlfriend and boyfriend.

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“But I don’t know what’s worse really, telling someone you want them in your life and then disappearing to the villa, mind blown.

“And before all you lot start jumping the gun and saying I had this can’t be a**ed attitude from those messages, let me explain. Do you know how many times she told me she didn’t want anything and then ask me to come back into her life?

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“We were restarting and getting everything back on track and that’s when she went into the villa, so don’t come to me and say, ‘You were the one who said you couldn’t be a**ed…’, do you know how many times I gave her a second chance? You don’t understand.

“How many times have you given someone that you really, really like a second chance? You just do it, don’t you? Your feelings take over. I’m only human, I am a human.”

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