Love Island’s Olivia and Alex praised for ’saving’ a girl at Wireless Festival

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen have been praised online for saving a girl at Wireless Festival.

The Love Island couple were enjoying a day out with pals at the London festival when they spotted a girl in need being ‘stamped on’ in a mosh pit.

Recalling the terrifying experience, Olivia tweeted: ‘Wireless scared me yesterday. We got into the middle & a riot kicked off in the middle, weren’t really a mosh pit just pure savage a poor girl got dragged under & stamped on. She passed out & Alex & I had to carry her out with her friend. It was bloody awful. Never again.’

The 25-year-old went on to ask the young girl to come forward as she wanted to check she had recovered from the ordeal.

Fans flocked to praise Alex and Olivia for their bravery with people saying they witnessed the ‘mad’ and ‘scary’ stampede first hand.

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Alex and Olivia to the rescue,’ one fan tweeted. While another said: ‘You guys are beautiful humans.’


Another suggested they may have even saved the girl’s life, tweeting: ‘You possibly saved her life.’

The couple tied the knot last year after meeting on Love Island back in 2016, but they’ve got no plans to have children just yet – despite the pressure from others.

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I’ll never get over this day. ?

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‘But for me, I’m so career driven that I find it a little bit offensive when people keep asking me about having a child. There’s a lot more I can do for society than have a kid. That’s not solely what I want to do with my life. One day, sure, there’s a chance we’ll have kids, but to be asked that constantly, it puts this expectation on you,’ she revealed.

‘It’s quite hard, because I’m not that maternal, and people are expecting me to want a child, but I don’t at this point in my life.’



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