Love Island’s Sherif Lanre leaves fans DEVASTATED after no girls couple up with him

Love Island hopeful Sherif Lanre was left devastated after he failed to couple with any of the girls.

The 20 year old chef and semi-professional rugby player mirrored last year’s Dr Alex who was also not picked.

Viewers were also left devastated for the islander who looked distraught at the realisation none of the girls fancied him.

One fan tweeted: “I feel so sorry for Sherif. As if nobody likes him.”

A second added: “ this is. Nobody stood forward for sherif even though he’s buff”.

Meanwhile, some viewers blamed the show for not selecting girls who would fancy black men.

One said: “This is like Marcel all over again. Why didn’t they put in girls who actually like black guys?”

An angry fan added: “How many times are we gonna see love islanders who only like lightskin boys?

“It’s all Josh Denzels and Wes’s again.” [sic]

Elsewhere in the first episode Sherif stunned brunette bombshell Anna Vakili, 28, after telling her that he already knows her from Instagram.

Anna tells the cameras: “He just brought it out so casually. Like ‘Yeah I follow you on Instagram’.

“I was flattered but I didn’t expect it coming in here, that someone would follow me on Instagram. When I do go out, I do tend to get that a lot.”

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