Lucie Donlan’s reason for entering Love Island has nothing to do with love

She's the sexy surfer from Newquay who's got all the boys chasing her.

But Lucie Donlan has revealed her real reason for entering Love Island – and it's got nothing to do with the chaps.

The 21 year old started surfing when she was 13 and makes her money through surf modelling.

And she admits she's got big hopes of having a whole range of surf boards emblazoned with the words she makes up.

"I do make up weird words. They will be coming out this summer," she tells The Mirror.

"There is 'Bev' which is like hot. 'My Bev' is – he is nearly my boyfriend. 'Schnag' is like when you bite at someone like your boyfriend – when you are like – just stop doing that… you schnag at them.

"'Fwoofed off’ is when he dumps you. There are loads of them. I just made them up. My family use it now and my friend use it too. It carries on to people. You might be shocked. There might be some you end up using. Maybe there will surf boards adorned with these words. That would be cool."

When it comes to meeting that special someone, she admits she's got a habit of dumping boyfriends after six months because she gets bored.

She said: "I just don’t end up having a boyfriend for more than six months. I think I like the honeymoon stage where it’s fun and exciting but when it starts to get a bit chilled I am like ‘Okay I wanna go on a surf trip – bye.’

"I want someone who is like a best friend and a boyfriend and we can do loads of fun things and don't get bored of each other."

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Lucie caused quite the stir on Monday's launch night , dumping Michael Griffiths for Joe Garrat.

And despite being coupled with Amy Heart, Anton Danyluk started grafting on Lucie, making it clear his head was already turned.

In the infamous words of Wes Nelson … he's happy, but could he be happier?

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