Lyft Offers Big Discounts to Voters On Election Day

With Election Day fast approaching, lots of folks will be looking for ways to get to their polling places, which is where Lyft comes in … with a major assist for thousands of voters.

A rep for the rideshare co. tells TMZ … their team has already helped mobilize nearly 30,000 people with a transportation plan on Nov. 3. They’re also helping voters to make sure they’re registered.

Might seem like small potatoes, but since every vote counts in this election — it’s actually a big deal. Lyft says they’ve achieved this via their Voting Access Hub, along with countless partnerships in a comprehensive push to get out the vote.

Lyft’s also offering sweet deals on Election Day for folks who need a lift to the polling place.

It’ll be cheaper than usual to use Lyft that day — and it could be straight-up free, depending on your circumstance. Lyft says it’s offering 50% off one ride with a $10 max discount, one way. The code to get the discount is 2020VOTE.

For folks in underserved communities, they’ll have the opportunity to get a ride on the house.

Lyft is partnering with orgs like Nike, More Than a Vote,, Black Women’s Roundtable, Sony Music Group, Plus 1 Vote … and even John Legend, who’s focusing on getting transportation for formerly incarcerated people who are eligible to vote.

A Herculean effort, really … but it’s now or never, right?

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