‘Lying arrogant callous planks’ Piers hits out as Minister fails to apologise amid inquiry

Steve Barclay refuses to apologise fo Covid mistakes on LBC

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Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay was questioned about a new report based on the coronavirus pandemic on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show today. Key findings of the Coronavirus: lessons learned to date report included a “seriously early error” not to lockdown the country sooner, borders not being closed earlier and failing to prioritise social care.

The report is the result of a joint inquiry by the health and science select committees, which began in October.

The early handling of the pandemic has been deemed one of the “biggest health failures the UK has ever experienced”.

As part of the interview, presenter Nick asked Steve he could apologise for the thousands of deaths in the UK from coronavirus.

The Minister said the Government still needed to look into the report and see what issues occured. 

“Why do you find it difficult to apologise?”, Nick asked.

Steve went on to say that they had followed the scientific advice at the time and claimed they did “move quickly” in response to the pandemic.

He went on to list the timeline of events to help stop the spread and save lives, such as the test and trace system and vaccination rollout.

Nick went to ask him why he wasn’t able to apologise again for the over 160,000 recorded deaths from Covid-19.

The Minister refused to apologise again, but said he and his fellow MPs were “committed” to looking into the inquiry and address any issues from that time.

Piers Morgan shared a clip from the interview on his Twitter page today.

Not one to hold back on his opinion, the 56-year-old blasted the Government in a tweet.

He wrote: “Lying arrogant callous planks.”

It’s not the first time he has hit out at Boris Johnson and his team over their handling of the pandemic.

In July, he mocked the Prime Minister for looking like Worzel Gummidge after he released a video addressing his self-isolation controversy.

It came after he and Rishi Sunak were pinged by the NHS test and trace app, but said they wouldn’t self-isolate for 10 days as required at the time.

Instead, the pair told the nation they will be taking part in a pilot scheme, where they would be tested everyday.

Piers ranted at the time: “Boris Johnson tells us to abide by the rules he intended to circumvent until everyone wants [sic] nuts.  

“What a shambles – but what else to expect from a guy who can’t be bothered to even brush his hair when he addresses the British people?

“You’re Prime Minister, not Worzel Gummidge.”

Boris, who left the UK for a holiday on Friday, is yet to speak out about the latest report.

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