Mama Deer Chases Down Man Who Accidentally Stepped on Her Baby

Nobody puts baby in a corner, and more importantly — nobody steps on their head by mistake … especially when it comes to deer, as this poor fella learned the hard way.

Check out this wild video of a man leaving his house out the front door … only to find his foot on top of a fawn that was hiding somewhere near his porch, which he didn’t see until it was too late — and with somewhat hilarious results.

The little thing shrieks in pain, which completely freaks out the gentleman who jumps with fright and hops away — looking back to realize it’s a young deer. His screaming wasn’t over just yet though … before long, its mother comes charging at him, sending him running.

Eventually, mama doe gives up the chase … and trots away with her little one without further incident. The person who posted this says the fawn ended up being uninjured.

So, a happy ending all in all … unlike ‘Bambi.’ This definitely turned out better than that. 😓

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