Man Carrying His Own SEVERED ARM Found On Street After Possible Workplace Accident

Police, public work crews, and even divine intervention are being credited with saving the life of a man who was found carrying his own severed arm in Maine.

According to reports, the 25-year-old, who has not been publicly identified by police, was seen staggering down Maple Street at around 9.a.m. on Friday. Witnesses saw the man was holding his arm, which had been sliced off around his shoulder.

Thankfully, a public works crew noticed the man and was able to apply a tourniquet while waiting for officials to arrive. Lewiston police Lt. Derek St. Laurent told the Portland Press Herald:

“That probably saved his life.”

The Herald reported that the group happened to be in the area sanding sidewalks at the time they spotted the man — a coincidence some are considering nothing short of a miracle.

Lewiston Public Works Director Mary Ann Brenchick told the paper:

“It had to be divine intervention.”

Noting that two of the workers are arborists who actually train others on how to use tourniquets, she added:

“wo of my best guys just happened to be there sanding sidewalks. It couldn’t have been better guys for this kind of situation. I really hope it made a difference for that guy.”


While speaking to Bangor Daily News, she recalled:

“The three guys that were there are Ryan Barry, Bob Olsen, and Cam Bernard. All of them just responded in the right way. You know, trying to calm this person down first, because you can imagine someone walking down the sidewalk, and then bringing in the tourniquet… They were so calm about it, and they really are just very humble. Because they just care about helping this person.”

Barry added to the outlet:

“I just did what I hope anyone else would do. I’m happy to hear the gentleman is still alive and relieved to hear that he survived.”

The matter is being investigated as a possible workplace accident by police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Several witnesses told authorities the man had lost his arm in an accident with a band saw at AK Market, a general merchandise store. St. Laurent said officers were able to follow a blood trail back to the business after the victim was found.

The young man was taken to Central Maine Medical Center. Police said they last heard he remained there, and was in stable condition. Brenchick told CBS station WGME:

“All we have heard is that he is alive and doing well.”


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