Mark Labbett: The Chase’s The Beast showcases dramatic weight loss in slimmed-down photos

The Pet Show: Mark Labbett opens up on relationship with his dog

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56-year-old Mark Labbett had struggled with his weight for years, ballooning to almost 30 stone at his heaviest. Yet when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016, it sparked the start of a dramatic weight loss journey.

I’ve lost 10 stone – I was 29 stone in 2003 and I was in danger of high blood pressure

Mark Labbett

When he was photographed in London today, he was virtually unrecognisable.

Gone were the broad shoulders of the past, to be replaced by a much trimmer frame.

His legs looked toned in black trousers, which he teamed with a matching jacket, slipping a plain white shirt underneath.

Earlier this year, he had shared the progress of his transformation on Loose Women.


However, today marks the first time that the full extent of his weight loss has been unveiled in recent weeks.

He previously revealed on the show: “I am gradually dropping Xs off my size.

“I’ve gone from 5XL to 4XL and it looks like the next time I go shopping I’ll be able to squeeze into XL underpants.

“I’ve lost 10 stone – I was 29 stone when I was a full-time teacher in 2003 and I was in danger of high blood pressure.

“I’ve been around 26 stone up until lockdown, and then a few things happened quite nicely and came together and I started losing weight.”

His biggest cheerleader on the mission to lose weight turned out to be his pet dog.

His wife had assured Mark that if they got one, she would take responsibility for everything he needed.

Yet, after their adorable golden retriever puppy arrived, Mark often found himself charging around fields to exercise with him instead – and, in the process, ended up getting fit himself too.

That was what had led him to dub the dog as his “own personal trainer”.

He revealed how his pet had boosted his morale on an episode of ITV’s The Pet Show.

“I think he’s helped a lot, simply because I’m doing more activity [with him],” the quiz show whiz rationalised.

The duo of The Beast and Baloo follows in the footsteps of previous celebrities who have appeared on the show with their four-legged friends, such as supermodel Jodie Kidd and renowned chef James Martin.

Mark has also completely revamped his diet.

One of the main warning signs was when skin on his legs had failed to heal properly.

After that discovery, a nurse decided to test him for diabetes, bringing back a positive result.

Fortunately, his latest weight loss efforts will help maintain his health for the future.

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