Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Shuts Down GoFundMe Campaign for Flooded Apartment

Catherine Scorsese has been met with criticism after her sister set up a fundraiser initiative to help cover the costs of repairs for her Brooklyn pad, relocation and boarding fees for her pets.

AceShowbizMartin Scorsese‘s daughter has shut down a GoFundMe campaign to help her cover the costs linked to a flood at her Brooklyn, New York apartment.

The initiative, set up by Catherine Scorsese’s sister after the prop master’s pad was badly damaged by a neighbour’s overflowing toilet, had raised a little over $6,000 (£4,700). The cash was needed for repairs, relocation costs and boarding fees for Scorsese’s pets.

Critics took aim at Scorsese, insisting she should ask her multi-millionaire father for the money rather than beg for hand-outs.

“It was never begging anyone for money,” Scorsese tells Page Six. “We shut it (campaign) down because my sister did not want any more trolls commenting on it.”

Catherine, 53, previously told The Post she wasn’t “a trust fund baby”, and if she was going to ask her dad for a favour, it would be to “fix me up with Chris Evans“.

“The truth was my friends and family wanted to help…,” she said in a text to the outlet. “I find it amazing that I am being called a ‘parasite’ because my friends and family wanted to help me and I didn’t go running to my daddy for $$. Someday I will get to tell my side of the story and I guarantee you will all be hanging your heads in shame.”

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