Milly Alcock & Mike White seemed drunk during their Golden Globes wins: NBD?

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Part of my enjoyment of the Golden Globes ceremony is that it’s less uptight than the other award shows. That, of course, is usually due to the fact that they drink during the ceremony. I’m sorry if that reads as an endorsement for booze, I just enjoy seeing actors let their guards down for once. Some, of course, let their down too much. Especially those winning awards later in the evening. Here’s a tip: if there’s even the slightest chance you might have to go on stage at the end of the night and there’s little more than crudité being offered for dinner – pace yourself.

Two folks who learned that lesson the hard way were Milly Alcock from House of the Dragon and Mike White of The White Lotus. As CB mentioned yesterday, Milly was a background attraction when her cast went onstage for their big win for Best television series – drama. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the speech or Milly as it unfolded because Severance was robbed, which HotD director Miguel Sapochnik basically acknowledged. If not Severance, at least Better Call Saul. Even The Crown. But I digress. Milly stood behind Miguel as he gave his acceptance speech and giggled, pointed and swayed her way through his speech. She clung to co-star Emma D’Arcy, who had to split their time between listening to Miguel’s speech and babysitting Milly. Twitter became fascinated with Milly.

The “House of the Dragon” actress delighted viewers with her seemingly tipsy demeanor while onstage with co-star Emma D’Arcy and director Miguel Sapochnik Tuesday night.
The 22-year-old leaned on D’arcy as Sapochnik accepted the award for Best Television Series.

Throughout his speech, Alcock giggled, pointed at someone in the audience and put her finger to her mouth.

Delighted fans took to Twitter to break down the “Upright” alum’s antics.

“Milly Alcock wasted at the golden globes is top tier,” one person wrote.

Another Twitter user noted, “Milly Alcock drunk off her arse at the Golden Globes being my spirit animal is sending me.”

“drunk milly alcock at the golden globes you will always be famous (ft. emma d’arcy),” added a third.

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Mike White, on the other hand, came right out and told the audience he was drunk. He blamed the lack of food and said he’d intended to give the speech in Italian (he didn’t) but he was too inebriated to do so. Instead, he got emotional about everyone on the show and then gave a verbal middle finger to all the other networks in the room, reminding them you coulda had a bad b*tch.

The White Lotus has dominated again as the year’s best limited series, anthology or TV movie at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards.

The HBO show’s creator Mike White accepted the award onstage at Tuesday’s awards show, where he said he was “still so choked up” over White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge’s acceptance speech earlier in the night for best actress in a limited or anthology series or television film.

“I was gonna give this speech in Italian but I’m too drunk, because there’s no food,” White, 52, then joked of season 2’s Sicilian setting.

“So, thank you to HBO. If there’s one place that gets you, let it be HBO,” he continued. “And thank you, the HFPA. And thank you to these guys, I would take a bullet for you guys, maybe not in the heart, but in the foot or the leg or whatever. And I want to thank all the actors.”

“And Jennifer, I love you. We went out with a show we wanted to do with Jennifer, and everybody passed. I know you all passed, you all passed on this show. So yes, it’s very gratifying to have this moment,” White said.

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In these two instances, I feel like it was kind of harmless. Personally, if I knew I even had the possibility of being in front of a camera, I would hold off on the wine until after the show. But that’s me. Milly was silly on stage, but I don’t know that she upstaged Miguel’s speech. And Mike was the speech, so he didn’t detract from anything. It’s never cool when someone in the spotlight is inappropriate, especially if they target someone in the audience who has to take it because a camera is on them and they have to appear a good sport. Neither Milly nor Mike did that, but it’s happened in years past. Mike hit the nail on the head, the onus is on the Globes. Any event planner will tell you, if you’re serving booze, you need to serve food to balance your culpability.

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