MLB's Marcus Stroman Wants To Fight Kyle Larson In UFC For Saying N-Word

NY Mets ace Marcus Stroman is FURIOUS with NASCAR driver Kyle Larson for saying the n-word … saying he should never race again and deserves to have his ass kicked.

Of course, the 27-year-old dropped an n-bomb during a virtual race on Easter Sunday … apparently not realizing his audio was streaming out to thousands of people on Twitch.

Larson — who later apologized for the slur — was suspended by NASCAR, lost sponsorships, and was booted from his team.

Enter, Stroman — whose parents are black and Puerto Rican. He’s so pissed off about the incident, Stro wants to throw down with Larson in the Octagon.

“He should never be allowed to race again in @NASCAR,” Stroman tweeted.

“Said that derogatory word so nonchalantly. Your apology doesn’t matter.”

“Post-career…I’ll fight this man in a @ufc event for charity. He needs his ass beat. Would love to hear him say that word in the octagon.”

Other athletes also went after Larson for his slur … including Reggie Bush, who tweeted “apologize deez nuts.”

“We not buying it and wear that racist badge with honor don’t hide we need to see who you really are!”

Someone get Dana White on the phone!

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