‘Nice to see her looking gorgeous rather than drab!’ Jason Manford teases Sheridan Smith

No Return: Sheridan Smith stars in trailer for ITV series

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Jason Manford, 40, has heaped praise on his Starstruck co-star Sheridan Smith after she appeared on the programme on Saturday. The comedian joked that it was nice to see the actress looking “gorgeous” rather than “as a drab, knackered mum”, in reference to Sheridan’s latest on-screen roles.

On Saturday night, Sheridan made her debut as a judge on ITV’s new singing competition, Starstruck, where contestants transform into their favourite stars for the chance to win £50,000.

He jokingly told The Sun: “It’s nice to see her looking gorgeous and amazing on a Saturday night.

“Rather than as a drab, knackered mum or a cleaner in trouble, which wins her all the Baftas.”

Jason also recounted their first time working together, as he praised Sheridan’s honesty.

He said: “I love Sheridan to bits. I used to be the warm-up man on Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, her first big sitcom.

“She’s great on this show because she’s so honest and supportive of them all.”

Sheridan has recently been seen on screen more frequently, as three of her new shows aired in the space of a few weeks.

As well as Starstruck, ITV drama No Return, and Channel 5’s The Teacher aired recently.

However, many viewers seemed frustrated as they joked she is “on TV more than the adverts”.

Some took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Sheridan’s multiple appearances.

Twitter user Emily wrote: “Sheridan Smith is on TV more than the adverts.”

Lee added: “The year is 2031. Sheridan Smith is now on every programme on British television.

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“TV has been renamed Smithbox. The licence fee has been scrapped, but we all have to pay a Sheridan Tax instead.”

Dee typed: “Seen more of Sheridan Smith than my family recently.”

David penned: “Hi, you’ve reached Sheridan Smith’s agent.

“I can’t take your call right now but, whoever you are, she’ll do it.”

Jason also took to the social media platform to defend his fellow judge, telling critics to “chill out”.

He said: “Seen a few comments about Sheridan being on TV a lot this week.

“It’s not [something] she is in charge of, she would have filmed those three excellent shows last year and some scheduler decided they went on this week. So, chill out.

“Also, she’s excellent and you are lucky to have her.”

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