No, Queen didn’t ignore Meghan at event – what actually happened is very telling

With cameras on them during every single second of personal events and engagements, it's hardly surprising that video clips and photos sometimes catch members of the Royal Family's less-than-perfect moments.

While the slips, stuck shoes, wardrobe malfunctions and kids tantrums mostly just remind us that they are actually real people, some sometimes believe there might be more too them.

Just this week fans thought they spotted Prince Harry ignoring Meghan Markle at a baseball game earlier this week.

But a look back at the Duchess's first official engagement with the Queen last year shows another very, very awkward moment many missed at the time.

During their day in Chester Meghan appears to lean over and try to chat to her husband's grandmother, but she seems to ignore her.

According to body language expert Judi James, this wasn't the Queen sending all sorts of sass her way – but it actually revealed something very, very interesting.

Here's what Judi James thinks…

I think these 'ignore' moments are at a very different end of the spectrum to Ivanka Trump's 'ignore' by the world leaders.

Any apparent act of ignore can feel crushing in terms of personal confidence but whereas Ivanka did appear to have been heard and dismissed, Meghan's problem here seems to be one of timing rather than irrelevance.

The royals sail through their engagements like ocean-going liners with little change in terms of their body language habits or traits.

For the queen the rituals are all about speaking to the right person at the right time and at this moment it looks as though that person was the man hosting on the Queens other side.

He appears to be talking and although the queen rubs her eye she could still be listening.

Meghan launches into some emphatic, illustrative gestures but it looks as though she might be held in a queue here.

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