Noah Cyrus Trolled for Wearing ‘Stack of Tires’ Outfit in Paris

The ‘Make Me (Cry)’ singer is likened to a caterpillar, a sleeping bag and the Michelin Man after posting photos of her rocking an over-the-top puffer outfit.

AceShowbizNoah Cyrus‘ over-the-top style is sometimes too hard to comprehend for others. The singer/actress has become the butt of the joke by social media users after she showcased a jaw-dropping look during a trip to Paris, France.

On Thursday, February 2, the 23-year-old posted photos of her rocking a head-to-toe black puffer gown designed by Colors which also featured a puffer headpiece strapped around her neck. She accessorized with black lace gloves as she posed outside.

The outfit looks like a dress at first glance, but a photo posted by the Colors designer shows that it is actually made of separate pieces of fabric that can be zipped together to provide as much or as little coverage as the wearer desires.

Noah’s unusual fashion choice has drawn wild reactions from her followers, who compared her look to everything from a caterpillar to an air mattress to the iconic Michelin tire company mascot, the Michelin Man.

“It’s giving stack of tires, but in a slay way of course,” one commented on Noah’s post. A second person wrote, “It’s giving air mattress.” A third remarked, “Michelin man slay.”

Someone joked, “When you go camping but don’t want to get out of the sleeping bag because it’s too cold.” Another joined in, “When you have dinner at 7 but have to go camping at 9.”

“Why this feel like that montage in the Lizzie Mcguire movie where she tried on the igloo,” another user reacted. Someone else couldn’t handle it as they declared, “Alright that’s it, I’m off the internet for a month.”

A baffled user asked, “What the heck is she wearing…..??????” Another commented, “Only the Noah Cyrus could slay cement squidward,” while someone else enthused, “Hope she don’t have to go to the bathroom in that.”

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