Oliver Hudson Thought His Life Was 'Ruined' After Getting Botox

Oliver Hudson almost looked very different! The 44-year-old actor and older brother of Kate Hudson opened up on their Sibling Revelry podcast about the work he’s had done on his face. 

Noting that he’d gotten the popular blood facial, Oliver added that he also agreed to try some botox. 

“I went in and I had blood splattered all over my face and they needled it in there and then did a frickin’ laser. And then he goes, ‘Let’s try some botox.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh s**t, for real?'” he shared. “And he’s like, ‘Just trust me’ and I’m like, ‘Alright, f**k it, let’s do it.’ He puts botox in my face and I don’t feel anything.” 

But the botox definitely had an impact that showed up shortly after. 

“Two days later I’m making an expression in the mirror and one eyebrow literally goes up into my hairline. I’m like what the f**k is going on?” Oliver said. “I called him immediately, I’m like, ‘Jason, what the f**k dude, you just ruined my life!'” 

He then got the technician to put in more botox to “calm it down.” 

“It looked insane,” he said. “I looked like a villain.”

Despite the bad reaction, Oliver isn’t giving up on the idea of botox. 

“I think I might do it again. First of all, I have no problem telling anyone,” Oliver shared. “But I might do it again, this is what I’m worrying, wondering about.” 

“Who cares? It goes away,” Kate, 41, encouraged her brother. 

“I don’t have a stigma about it. I have so many deep wrinkles too,” Oliver said. “I’ll still look manly, but just without looking like Benjamin Button.”

Kate shared that botox for men in Hollywood is a common practice. 

“I have a friend who’s really famous, a male, who I would have never thought would get botox and one time I saw him, he was on a little bit of a break, and I was like, ‘He just blew his face up with botox,'” she shared, not naming the actor. “His whole face was frozen, and I was like, that’s really clever. He’s on a break between movies and by the time he starts shooting again, all of it goes away and he has his expression, but he doesn’t have the deep, deep lines.” 

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