Piers Morgan: GMB host comes for Dan Walker over his ‘big ego’ book cover ‘No room’

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It’s been a fair few weeks since we’ve had a clash of the breakfast hosts, as Piers Morgan, 55, and Dan Walker, 43, have stayed clear of each other online. But now the Good Morning Britain presenter is back in the hot seat, Dan has come under fire once again from his ITV rival, this time over something they have in common.

Yet amusingly, the only photo on Dan’s cover is of himself… no room for any ‘remarkable people’

Piers Morgan

To add water to flames, the pair both have books that are due to be released at the same time.

Piers has been advertising his new novel titled Wake Up, and the BBC Breakfast presenter has his Remarkable People memoir on the way.

If the rivalry wasn’t already at an all time high between the two, this has taken the cake.

And low and behold, today was the day when the Piers made another sly jibe directed at poor Dan, the books being the centre of his attack.

Taking to Twitter, Piers made a comparison between the two, sharing pictures of the front covers.

He wrote: “Two breakfast TV presenter books out this autumn… spot the difference…. apparently I’m the one with the big ego,” he said sarcastically, referring to the fact that Dan’s book cover sports an image of himself whereas his own was just an oversized title.

Someone hit back with covers of older books Piers had written, one being his biography and the other called Don’t You Know Who I Am? where photos of the author are splashed across the front page.

While some agreed with the comparison, another fan rushed to defend the GMB star, pointing out the books are actually about the person pictured on the front and therefore makes sense.

“Both of those books are about Piers,” they retorted.

“Dan’s book is about ‘remarkable people’ – ‘Dan has encountered a stream of remarkable people’ ‘In Remarkable People, he engagingly recounts these wonderful and heart-warming stories.’ No comparison here,” they said, using quotes from the blurb.

Piers welcomed the supported, replying: “Yet amusingly, the only photo on Dan’s cover is of himself… no room for any ‘remarkable people’,” he chuckled with a laughing face.

Fans, who were waiting for the next explosive rant between the pair, rushed to the comments section to share their views on Piers’ comments regarding Dan’s book.

“Can you two leading breakfast TV hosts stop this conflict before someone gets seriously hurt. The world is watching (I think),” one sighed, seemingly fed up of it all.

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Another joked: “Takes me back to the Oasis V Blur days lol,” referring to the bitter war between the two bands.

“He’s obviously gotten into your head!” a third suggested.

Not long ago, Dan was also bombarded with suggestions to talk about his nemesis as one of the remarkable people in his book.

Appearing fed up of constantly being compared to the outspoken presenter, Dan put some serious milage between the two hosts, revealing: “We are, and will remain, a million miles away from each other.”

The father-of-three had previously shared a preview of the finished book cover last month, as he excitedly announced it was almost ready for release.

While many fans shared their glee, others had another thought on their minds.

“Is Piers Morgan in it?” one questioned, a sly joke aimed at their on-going rivalry and many online spats.

A second agreed: “I hope @piersmorgan is included!!”

“You sent one to your best mate @piersmorgan,” a third teased.

BBC Breakfast and GMB air weekdays at 6am on BBC One and ITV.

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