Piers Morgan shares rare picture of soldier brother as he congratulates his retirement

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Few knew that controversial Talk TV broadcaster Piers Morgan had a soldier brother, but now he has taken to Instagram to reveal his latest news to his 1.8 million Instagram followers. The Uncensored TV star told of how Jeremy Morgan had just retired after almost four decades of service to the United Kingdom.

Outstanding military career, outstanding bloke. Very proud of you Colonel!

Piers Morgan

Piers penned a message in tribute to his career, exclaiming: “Congrats to my brother Jeremy on his retirement from the British Army today after 37 years of service to his country including numerous war zones.

“Outstanding military career, outstanding bloke. Very proud of you Colonel @jeremypughemorgan.”

The photo of the pair together, featuring Jeremy in his full military uniform and boasting a series of badges on his coat, received more than 41,000 likes.

In stark contrast to his famous brother, Jeremy currently has just 89 followers on Instagram and a private account.

As well as Jeremy, who is two years Piers’ senior, the broadcaster also has a younger brother, Rupert, and a sister, Charlotte.

Jeremy appeared to be the spitting image of his younger brother, as shown in the Instagram tribute.

However, Piers has been a little more scathing in his commentary about younger brother, Rupert.

He had jokingly referred to him in the past as being responsible for the “worst day” of his life.

A wounded Piers recalled missing out to his socialite sibling on an opportunity to party with England’s top cricketers, while star Freddie Flintoff described Rupert as his “younger, far better looking and more charismatic brother”.

It should have been a memorable night for the passionate cricket fan when England sailed past Australia to victory, winning the “greatest Ashes series of all time” in 2005.

Yet a bitterly disappointed Piers recalled how he had “inexplicably” agreed to appear at a book signing 120 miles away in Birmingham that evening, leaving Rupert to party with sporting hero Freddie in London to celebrate the win.

While the victory loomed and his brother and the cricketing team were excitedly sipping champagne, he was languishing in a less than luxurious Holiday Inn.

Even worse, his phone continually lit up with updates from Rupert about the great time he was having.

“‘Bruv, it’s amazing here,’ he texted me at midnight from the team’s lavish hotel,” Piers recalled, “as I sat sulking in my room.”

“When I got back to London, the Evening Standard front page featured a large photo of Mr Flintoff, drunk as a skunk in the hotel bar,” he continued, “and right next to him was the unmistakable blue shirt of my brother.”

“His head had been cut off, but it was him all right, and IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME – for 16 years I’ve struggled to put the dreadful scars of that calamity behind me,” he wrote for the Mail on Sunday.

Later, at Rupert’s 50th birthday celebrations, Freddie provided an account of the night which he jokingly had Piers read out in front of the revellers.

He told of how “Piers was in Birmingham signing copies of his latest book about the comings and goings of Simon Cowell and a plethora of Z-list celebrities”, while his “younger, far better looking and more charismatic brother” joined him for champagne and cigars.

He finally told Rupert to “just be happy in the knowledge you’re not Piers”.

Piers’ sister Charlotte Tomlinson also caused him potential embarrassment after a happy birthday post he published displaying photos of the two of them saw trolls sneer that she was “obviously the good-looking one of the family”.

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