Prince Louis ‘is a funny little chap. He looked very pleased with himself’

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Doesn’t it seem like all of the Cambridge kids have an abundance of personality right from the get-go? I still say that Princess Charlotte seems like the little boss of the family, with George changing from a baby-punching toddler to a more mature and reticent little boy. But Louis might outdo both of his older siblings in the personality department. From the word go, Louis has seemed like a handful, but joyful about it. Like, I think Kate and William had a lot of difficulties with George because he was the first and they were still learning how to be parents. Charlotte was their girl, their little princess, and they doted on her from the start And Lou is just a big, meaty boy with a big personality. We saw more of Lou at the polo event this week, where he was running around and sucking on picnic coolers and wearing his mom’s sunglasses:

It’s hard to upstage Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who have become known for their adorable royal displays over the years, but little brother Prince Louis knows how to get a laugh (and melt hearts) too! The 1-year-old royal was the “unexpected” star of the family’s outing on Wednesday to watch Prince William and Prince Harry compete in a charity polo match, an onlooker tells PEOPLE. While his older siblings were busy kicking around a soccer ball and showing off some dance moves, Louis kept mom Kate running after him as he explored the area.

Before the polo game started, Louis was “scampering out and dashing out to the edge of the polo field, and she was running out after him and picking him up, and eventually she sat down with him at the wooden border and pointed out the horses,” according to another observer. “She took him over to the polo ponies at the polo lines and chatted to the grooms with him.”

The observer adds, “He is a funny little chap. He looked very pleased with himself.”

Then there was the hilarious moment when Louis showed off a new look to Meghan Markle and baby cousin Archie — rocking his mom’s sunglasses! “I’m pretty sure she was wearing them, and he put his hands out. She took them off the top of her head and the next thing is he was wearing them,” the source says. “He had his tongue out and was waving his little hands around,” the observer adds. “He is a real character.”

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Quite honestly, I can already feel the “history repeating” narrative beginning. When Prince William was little, he already knew he was going to be king one day and that he would be treated differently than his little brother. William already knew that all eyes were going to be on him. Harry never had that pressure, and so that’s how the brothers grew up – William the sturdy, boring one and Harry the ham, the devish charmer, the joker. Will it be the same between George and Lou? Is George “the William” and Louis will be “the Harry”?

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