Randall Park Talked About Constance Wu's Twitter Tantrum Over "Fresh Off The Boat's" Renewal

Despite going nuclear on Twitter, Constance Wu still has a job on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. FOTB was renewed for a sixth season, and Constance explained she was pissed because it meant she’d have to pass on a project she was really excited about. Randall Park, Constance’s co-star on FOTB, recently spoke about the situation, and he says he can kind of understands how Constance flew off the handle like she did.

Randall got into it with Variety’s podcast The Big Ticket during an interview about his Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe. He says he “for sure” understood her reaction to the news, because he too thought the show was over when the fifth season ended this year, and he was also excited about the idea of working on other projects. The only difference is, Randall didn’t open up Twitter and do the 140-character equivalent of angrily slamming the door closed for the whole neighborhood to hear.

“I thought that last [season] would be our last one. Because literally the season finale was a bookend to the pilot. So, I think everyone kind of thought that and we weren’t sure if we’d keep going. [Wu] certainly thought that. She was in for a surprise, and we all were. But it’s great. There’s a lot more stories to tell.

I was prepared for it to not get picked up, and I was excited by these others things I could do, but if it did get picked up it’s like, that’s all I ever wanted. All I ever wanted was a job and a regular job to work with great people.”

Randall is obviously very grateful for the show and the opportunities it gave him, like not being only known as Jim Halpert for the rest of his career. Then again, he could just have been playing it diplomatic because he didn’t want FOTB to be known as the show with those rude entitled assholes, plural. I just wish he had let his guard down for a second to let us know if anyone is guilty of being a terror on the FOTB set. Not Constance. Her rabbit! The real dirt here is if anyone has ever stepped in a pile of warm bunny poop and said, “I guess you could say that was…fresh out the butt.

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