Rose McGowan Slams ‘NY Times’ Over Harvey Weinstein Pulitzer: ‘I Was The First To Speak Out&

We want so much to support Rose McGowan, but sometimes it seems like she doesn’t know where to direct her anger.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Jawbreaker star is going after The New York Times, of all people.


The newspaper was awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in journalism, based on reporting by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, for its coverage of the dozens of Harvey Weinstein accusations. (It was shared with Ronan Farrow and The New Yorker, whose work ran parallel.)

The journalists were lauded, and rightfully so, for doing the legwork and dropping bombshell after bombshell report — 17 separate articles listed on the Pulitzer site in all — which helped take down the Hollywood mogul.

Rose, who was quoted in the very first article, is apparently salty over their success and wants to make it clear she was the original Harvey whistle blower:

“I’ve been called one of the first to speak out. No. I was the first. I called the New York Times. I blew it wide open, not them.”


We’re not sure that’s fair.

Reporting is about more than just providing a platform for a victim or witness to tell their story.

Kantor and Twohey spoke to many women, corroborated facts and details, put in hours of research. While we’re sure Rose played a pivotal role, trying to take ALL the credit seems a little offsides to us.

She continues:

“They won the Pulitzer and I’m the one hard-up for money. It’s disgusting. I was kind of grossed out by how much they enjoyed being lauded.”

We’re sure the organizations and reporters were proud to have won the Pulitzer — it’s journalism’s highest honor.

Is that “gross” considering the stories were about human suffering?

We haven’t seen anyone doing any victory laps, Ronan Farrow didn’t go on Colbert to say, THANK GOODNESS FOR WEINSTEIN, I’M FAMOUS NOW!

Twohey has kept up the work, going after an even bigger white whale with her coverage of the recent rape accusation against President Donald Trump.

On a more personal note, we couldn’t help but notice Rose said she was “hard-up for money.”

Indeed, she tells The Guardian she basically can’t make money acting in movies anymore:

“I miss performing. But my career was stolen. We all got stolen. And we were all very good at our jobs. That’s the other crime in all this.”

That we 100% agree with.

We don’t know how many times during this deluge of accusations we found out one of our favorite actresses of the past couple decades was shoved out of the limelight.

We had obviously noticed their careers had either slowed to a crawl or evaporated completely, but it was always a question of “Whatever happened to Mira Sorvino? Or Annabella Sciorra? Or Ashley Judd?”

Now we know the answer to that, nine times out of ten, was Harvey Weinstein.

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