Spike Lee is Framing His Kobe Bryant Suit from the Oscars

Spike Lee‘s instant-classic Oscars suit paying tribute to Kobe Bryant is going to the Hall of Fame … the Spike Lee Hall, that is.

The famous director was at LAX Monday — heading back to his beloved NYC, we’re presuming — when we asked him about the night’s most talked-about fashion statement.

Spike tells us his purple and gold homage, complete with #24 embroidered across the lapels and on the back, will be framed and hung up at his NY crib. In fact, he says it was shipped back ahead of him … it’s Gucci, after all.

Not a big shocker Spike decided to honor Kobe at the 92nd Academy Awards. The NBA superfan posted several tributes to hoops superstar following the tragic helicopter crash.

Spike and Kobe go way back — he directed the 2009 documentary “Kobe Doin’ Work” — but it’s clear he’s not quite ready to talk about making another film about Bryant.

Maybe when the time is right … like Ron Howard said.

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