Stay Fit at Home With These 10 Workout Essentials

Serena Williams posted several videos on Instagram during lockdown showing us how to get a total body workout from the comfort of our homes. While many gyms remain closed, those at-home workout clips and livestreams still give you the chance to train like a pro athlete.

You may still not have enough motivation to go as hard as Serena does, but we’ve got a selection of workout equipment that’s sure to get you working up a good sweat and staying fit at home — and they’re all on sale!

Portable Home Workout System

Get a full-body workout with BandBoard, a portable resistance band workout station that can be used for over 300 exercises. It’s like having a personal trainer right by your side.

Buy now: Get the BandBoard for $129.99, or 12% off the retail price of $149

Actigun Percussion Massager

With the Actigun 2.0 handheld massage gun, you can get a professional massage right at home after those hardcore workout sessions. It also features an AI chip that gives you the exact percussive strength you need.

Buy now: Get the Actigun 2.0 Percussion Massager for $127.95, or 57% off the retail price of $299

Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Need help keeping track of your fitness goals? This Waterproof Fitness Tracker gives you insight on your step count, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, daily calories and so much more!

Buy now: Get the Waterproof Fitness Tracker for $22.99. or 80% off the retail price of $119

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Live Streaming Fitness

Get lifetime access to this live streaming fitness service with 24/7 fitness classes led by some of the greatest trainers in the business.

Buy now: Get the Live Streaming Fitness service for $79, or 84% off the retail price of $499

Fitterclub Personal Training

Whether you want to shed a few pounds, get toned abs or get healthier, the Fitterclub community will provide you with personally tailored exercise and nutrition plans to help you reach your goals.

Buy now: Get Fitterclub access for $49.99, or 95% off the retail price of $599

Iron Chest Master Fitness System

Created by world-famous bodybuilder Ron Williams, the Iron Chest Master uses Arc Movement Technology to keep joints protected while maximizing the growth of chest, shoulder, triceps, upper back, and abs.

Buy now: Get the Iron Chest Master Fitness System for $96.99, or 19% off the retail price of $119

YogaDownload Unlimited Subscription

Get one-year unlimited access to to 1,500+ online yoga and fitness classes that’ll keep you calm, healthy, happy and in shape!

Buy now: Get The YogaDownload Unlimited Subscription for $29, or 75% off the retail price of $119

Bandu Chair Workout System

The Bandu Chair Exercising System is a great way to work out anywhere with a chair. It provides smooth, fluid resistance so you can build lean muscle and keep your bones strong, while getting a calorie-burning, energizing workout.

Buy now: Get the Bandu Chair Workout System for $13.99, or 56% off the retail price of $31

Push Up Machine

Push-ups are a bit tough, but with the Push Up Machine, they’re about to get a lot easier. This machine built to put your body in the correct position for push-ups with three critical touchpoints.

Buy now: Get the Push Up Machine for $89.99, or 30% off the retail price of $129

ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch

This new generation Smart Watch has 16 main functions including activity tracking, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, message and call notification, alarms, and more! And it’s waterproof too. 

Buy now: Get the ChronoWatch Smart Watch for $39.99, or 80% off the retail price of $199



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