Steph McGovern reacts as Joe Lycett comes clean over storming off ‘stunt’ on her show

Steph McGovern quizzes Joe Lycett on his garden

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Steph McGovern, 37, has taken to Twitter today to show her solidarity with Joe Lycett, after a “publicity stunt” on Steph’s Packed Lunch. It comes after the comedian, 33, stormed off-air during the Channel 4 show last month.

At the time Joe was joined fellow guests Simon Rimmer and Denise Van Outen on the daytime talk show.

Just before Steph cut to an ad break, Joe whipped off his microphone and stormed out of the studio.

The moment came after he and the host had discussed single-use plastic in their homes and how the comedian had stopped doing so in an attempt to help the environment.

However, when a photo from his house popped up on-screen when discussing garden renovations, Steph quickly joked that she could see some plastic bottles in the background.

This resulted in Joe storming off the set before later claiming that it was actually a prank for a good environmental cause.

The comedian had appeared to campaign against the use of coloured PET plastic in bottles.

Taking to the micro-blogging site today, Steph praised the comic as she reacted to some big news.

In view of her 414,000 followers, the mum-of-one retweeted a statement from Joe as he shared details of a major milestone.

He began: “You may remember a few weeks ago I walked off Channel 4 daytime show Steph’s Packed Lunch to get people talking about white and coloured PET plastic, which is much harder to recycle than clear PET plastic.”

Joe explained that he was most concerned about the yoghurt drink Yop.

He went on: “Well I’m beyond delighted to announce that following my stunt, Yop, have now committed to changing their bottle to clear PET plastic in 2022 and are aiming for it to be made with recycled plastic.

“The world – or at least the world of yoghurt chilled drinks – has been changed for the better.”


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Joe finished by thanking Steph and the Channel 4 production team for giving him the space to share his campaign.

Following his announcement, Steph tweeted: “Well done Joe + team #GotYourBack.”

During Joe’s stunt on Channel 4, the comedian reacted abruptly to Steph’s off-the-cuff remark when she spotted plastic bottles in his garden.

Steph pointed out: “Isn’t that one of the bottles you said you’d stopped using in the picture?”

An awkward silence descended in the studio before he replied: “I didn’t realise I was on Newsnight, Steph.”

He could then be seen removing his microphone and walking out of the studio.

Joe returned to the show the next day and explained to viewers that the whole debacle was a joke.

He revealed: “Soz, it wasn’t real! It was a stunt for a very good cause, I feel.”(sic)

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