The Cambridges want to ‘scrap stuffy formality, including curtsies & bows’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still in their feelings about the Colonialist Flop Tour back in March. It was clear at the end of their Caribbean Tour that William and Kate had no idea how to handle the criticism in real time. They couldn’t make adjustments on the fly, they were incapable of improvising. Their message was “we’re colonialists and we can’t change, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.” Thus, many Caribbean Commonwealth nations are heading for the door, because the Cambridges and the Wessexes are tone-deaf a–holes incapable of change. So, more than five weeks after the Flop Tour ended, William and Kate are still wandering around, making promises about being “less stuffy.”

Prince William and wife Kate are set to be addressed by name and NOT title in a huge shake-up of royal protocol. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to scrap stuffy formality – including curtsies and bows – when on duty. A royal source said they were motivated by their disastrous Caribbean tour. The Sunday Mirror has learned the prince plans to tear up the rule book to “move with the times.”

After the couple’s disastrous Caribbean tour, William is said to be focused on a streamlined, modern monarchy to ensure its survival. A source revealed: “When the team arrived back in London the couple had a debrief with aides. They went over everything and pinpointed specific things that went wrong and how to improve moving forward. The general consensus was that the tour seemed out of date, out of touch, too formal and stuffy. So now it’s more ‘Wills and Kate’ instead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge… ‘Just call me Wills’ type of thing. They want to try to avoid the bows and curtsies in public, be more approachable, less formal, less stuffy, and break away with a lot of the tradition and focus on a modern monarchy.”

William and Kate were shaken by criticism of their Caribbean tour in March – heralded as a PR disaster. There were imperialistic undertones as the couple shook hands with well-wishers standing behind a metal cage fence in Trenchtown, Jamaica. Our source said the general consensus of the tour was that it was “silly” to have pushed old royal traditions and the couple wished they could turn back time and do things differently.

The source added: “If they could wave a magic wand and go back in time, they would change almost everything about the Caribbean tour.William and Kate are now both very aware that to certain parts of the world, and to the younger generations, the monarchy is a symbol of colonialism and a time gone by. Now, it seems silly to have celebrated that and push royal traditions during the tour. One of the big mistakes they pinpointed was echoing the Queen and Prince Phillip’s military parade, standing up in the open-top Land Rover.

“In retrospect, the team decided that this was one of the main symbols that showed the Royal Family hadn’t changed and moved on with the times. It portrayed a very elitist and out of touch monarchy, and this can no longer be the image it should portray in order to survive.”

According to our source William and Kate “are perceived as the royal stars” – and the Queen believed the younger generation of royals would “cement the monarchy’s position globally and secure the Commonwealth… It was a shock to them all. A real eye-opener. This is what prompted institutional change within the monarchy. Otherwise, they just wouldn’t survive.”

The Sunday Mirror also understands there are future plans for “an overhaul of the entire monarchy with the rules and traditions that surround it, including Charles and Camilla”.

[From The Daily Mirror]

Again, William and Kate were incapable of mixing up their tour in real time. They continued to parade around in their colonialist cosplay and sit in their fancy hotels, drinking Crack Baby cocktails and collecting freebies from local shops. It’s taken them five weeks to come up with a grand plan of “let’s tell people to call us Will and Kate, the peasants will love that.” This from the same people who insist on calling Kate “Catherine.” After we’ve been told for years that Will and Kate are both ALL about their titles and the “hierarchy” and how Meghan simply didn’t understand that the Cambridges were “above” her. I also think it’s hilarious that Camp Cambridge keeps bringing this up! They are haunted by it, nothing like that had ever happened to them before, they were expecting wall-to-wall positive press about how special and keen they are.

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