The Special Significance Behind the Pearl Choker Kate Middleton Wore to the Queen's Funeral

Kate Middleton honored the Queen at her state funeral on Monday by wearing one of her iconic pieces of jewelry—a four strand pearl choker that Her Majesty once loaned to Princess Diana.

The necklace is reportedly made from pearls gifted to the Queen from the Japanese government, and the Queen wore it several times throughout her life. She also loaned this choker to Diana in 1982 for a state banquet at Hampton Court Palace, and she paired it with the Lover’s Knot Tiara.

This isn’t the first time Kate has worn the necklace. She wore it to a party the Queen and Prince Philip’s wedding anniversary in 2017, and also wore it to Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021.

Pearls are also traditional mourning jewelry for the royals, and per The Telegraph are “seen to represent tears.” The tradition dates back to Queen Victoria, who consistently wore pearls after the death of her husband Prince Albert. But on top of this, the Queen was said to have loved pearls, wearing them both during periods of mourning, as well as during regular day-to-day engagements.

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