The Tweets About BTS’ ‘Tonight Show’ "Home" Performance Are Just As Chaotic As The Boys

The BTS boys bring an energy to the table like none other. They’ve got larger than life personalities and a stage presence to match, so, even after hundreds of live shows, ARMYS are blown away every time. Sometimes, BTS’ fan reactions are just as entertaining as their performances. When BTS took over The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a full week of performances, they had plenty of surprises up their sleeve. The tweets about BTS’ Tonight Show "Home" performance are a roller coaster y’all.

The band hit the stage at The Tonight Show on Sept. 29, and they laid it all out on the floor. The theatrical performance was energy-packed from start to finish as the guys performed "Home" from their 2019 EP Map Of The Soul: Persona.

This was no ordinary performance, mind you. The production was more like a music video, and the guys brought some hilarious antics to the mix. At one point, Jungkook did pull ups inside a cabinet, RM threw food across the room, and the bandmates all rocked pajamas throughout the video.

By the end of the clip, confetti fell from the ceiling resulting in a full-blown party. Over on Twitter, the party continued. ARMYs were loving The Tonight Show clip and couldn’t stop tweeting about it.

"BTS’ performance of home last night in the tonight show looked like a whole mv, with the camera angles and the stage itself. nts really go above and beyond," one fan tweeted after watching.

Night two of BTS’ takeover of The Tonight Show couldn’t have impressed ARMYS more.

"BTS’ PERFORMANCE OF HOME ON THE TONIGHTSHOW WAS AMAZING ARE WE KIDDING. jimin looked so soft,, taehyung was being so adorable, jungkook was looking like a model in a literal bathing robe,, hyung line was perfection IT WAS SO GOOD," another tweeted.

The consensus was clear: fans couldn’t get enough of the action-packed performance.

Live concerts may not exist right now, but after seeing BTS’ Tonight Show performance, fans are right at "home" in all their glory.

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