Todd Chrisley Rips Granddaughter Chloe’s Mom Over Her Plan to Regain Custody

The ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ star goes off on Angela Johnson as she reveals that she’s planning to regain custody of Chloe after Todd and Julie Chrisley go to jail due to fraud and tax evasion case.

AceShowbizTodd Chrisley has responded to his granddaughter Chloe’s mom Angela Johnson, who recently shared that she’s planning to regain custody of Chloe after Todd and Julie Chrisley go to jail due to fraud and tax evasion case. In a new interview, Todd went off on Angela over the plan as he’s against the idea.

“What you need to do, ’cause I know that you’re listening to this Angela. What you need to do is understand that I’ve retained every text message and so is Julie, any communication that we have with you,” the “Chrisley Knows Best” said. “We have not released those, but if we need to, we will.”

Todd later stressed that Angela has “no relationship with Chloe,” the child of Todd’s estranged son Kyle and Angela. “She does not any relationship with you,” he continued, “You never reach out to talk to her. You never send her Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. You’ve never done anything for her. So focus on those two children that you have with two other men and don’t worry about the one you gave away.”

Internet users showed support to Todd in this matter. Among them is Tami Roman, who wrote in an Instagram comment, “Now Angela… I’m sorry but this is a no. Leave this baby alone like you been doing sweets… respectfully.” Another user said, “Now why she bothering Uncle Todd? He already got enough s**t going on.”

“Todd doesn’t not play about his grand baby! He has made that clear since day one!! Matter of fact, that whole family don’t play about her. Since y’all fixated on her being with her black family, where we’re they when mom was spiraling and why didn’t they fight for custody? We have to know when things are deeper than a black and white thing,” someone else added.

“Girl bye you was strung out on drugs with the daddy and y’all both left her with Todd and Julie. She has been with them on that show before she could even walk. U fooling nobody. Leave her alone,” one individual said. “Girl be happy you had awesome ppl who made sure your daughter had the best and nothing less take care of her because people don’t have a good support system like you and your daughter I wish they could’ve took my kids n I would be grateful,” one other echoed the sentiment.

Earlier this month, Angela spoke with TMZ about Chloe’s future in light of the Chrisleys’ sentence. “As of right now, I haven’t filed any legal papers but I am in the process of getting some legal papers filed so I can go back to court and get Chloe back home,” Johnson, who shared custody of Chloe with Todd for some months in 2016 prior to her arrest after Kyle lost custody, shared.

“In that timeframe that Chloe’s been gone, I was talking to attorneys and we were trying to figure out which way to go about getting Chloe back home,” she continued. “But at the same time, it was kind of like we were at a standstill because we were trying to figure out where we would actually end up in court.”

In November, a federal judge sentenced Todd to 12 years in prison with 16 months probation for his involvement in fraud and tax evasion. Meanwhile, Julie was given seven years in prison with 16 months probation. The two had been ordered to begin their prison sentences in January. A motion filed by the U.S. Marshal’s Office on Monday, December 13 stated that the disgraced reality stars must report to their respective Florida institutions on January 17.

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