Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 on whether UFOs exist: ‘We have the evidence for people’

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In 2016, when Wikileaks leaked the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, we saw some sent by Tom DeLonge, former Blink-182 member and a vocal believer in extraterrestrials. As Hecate wrote, Podesta was of a similar mind, and DeLonge wanted to arrange a meeting between Podesta and some government bigwigs who could back him up. While Podesta never responded to those emails, a calendar confirmation from January 2016 indicates that a Susan McCasland Wilkerson accepted an invitation to a “DeLonge/Podesta Meeting.” Understandably, given the chaos surrounding emails, Hillary Clinton, and October 2016, you might have forgotten this.

If, like DeLonge, you are interested in space and what else could be out there, his media company, To the Stars, has a series you’ll want to check out. Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, began airing this past Friday on the History Channel. People has an interview with DeLonge describing the series, which has the involvement of many former military and government officials.

First off, what would you say to a nonbeliever, somebody who really has trouble wrapping their mind around all this, to get them to sit down and watch this show?

I think I would tell them there finally exists a body of evidence, that is very tangible and very real, for them to consider. For a long period of time, material was largely classified, and it was classified for good reasons — for issues dealing with national security. But thanks to the partners at To The Stars Academy, we now have a vehicle to transition a lot of those learnings over to the public for the first time. So for the people that don’t want to believe that this could be real, or this really counteracts their own personal belief systems, this is now an era where we have the evidence for people to look at, to digest, and hopefully — over time — get them to a place where they can live with this reality…

The men and women at the Department of Defense, and the CIA, and other intelligence organizations — after I learned more about this subject than I already knew, I walked away saying, “These guys are national heroes.” I mean, the stuff they’re dealing with is so far out, and frankly unnerving, that I don’t think the people are ready for all of it. And I don’t think they actually need to know all of it, just like my kids don’t need to know exactly what terrorists are doing, but they kind of need to know that terrorists exist. It’s a little bit of that, if that makes sense…

I always tell people, “It’s the biggest secret on earth, it’s the most classified subject on earth and it’s the most controversial subject on earth.”

I’m doing this because we need it, and I’m sick of people like my brother going off to war, to fight with our neighbors, with our brothers. We should not be killing each other over anything on this planet.

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People reminds us of the December 2017 New York Times piece “that confirmed the existence of the Pentagon’s hidden Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).” The program was “defunded in 2012, [but] it remained operational under the direction of military intelligence official Luis Elizondo until October 2017.” Elizondo left the post because of his belief that the Department of Defense wasn’t taking the program’s work seriously. He is featured in DeLonge’s program, pursuing the truth about unexplained occurrences that might indicate that UFOs have visited Earth. Given the involvement of former military and intelligence community members in the series, I’m admittedly curious about what they’ll end up discovering/discussing.

Here are two brief clips:

Sneak peek of my intro on Unidentified. Premieres TONIGHT!!

Enjoyed a Wrap Party last night for the first season of “UNIDENTIFIED” airing on THE HISTORY CHANNEL Friday, May 31st @ 10pm!

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