Tyron Woodley Says He Tried To Get Jake Paul Tat Night Of Fight

Tyron Woodley isn’t only prepared to pay off his tattoo bet with Jake Paul … he says he actively attempted to get it the night of the fight, waiting in the hotel until the early morning hours, but the tattoo artist never showed up.

TMZ Sports talked to the 39-year-old Woodley … and the future UFC HOF’er called cap on Paul, who recently said the rematch was off after Tyron refused to uphold his side of their wager and get some “I Love Jake Paul” ink.

“I wasn’t willing, I was waiting,” Woodley explained, adding … “We was in the basement of the hotel waiting, no food, up late, looking stupid. Nah, it was not willing, it was waiting. I was waiting on him to follow through with they end of the deal.”

FYI, Jake’s tattoo artist, Tatu Baby, previously told us she’d be on hand at the fight, ready to ink up the loser.

But, Tyron says she never showed … so there was nothing he could do.

Despite all the confusion, The Chosen One is still down to get the tat … and even told us he’d do it live on Instagram — with Jake on the stream.

As for the location on Tyron’s body, the fighter says he’s reserved a bit of real estate on his hand for the new artwork.

“I should get it on my knuckles so when I punch him in the face, he’ll see how much I love Jake Paul. I’m gonna put these knuckles all across his little temple and that big ass jawline.”

There’s more … T-Wood says he’s down to fight Logan, too, but not until he rematches his younger bro.

“Logan, you can get it, too! They both could to be honest but I gotta beat Jake up first because that’s just something, I just hate that he can walk around and say he beat me in anything.”

“Thumb wrestling, craps, dice, spades. I just hate that he can say that because I don’t feel like he won.”

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