Who Is Matte Babel? Get to Know Shay Mitchell’s Boyfriend!

Shay Mitchell just announced she’s pregnant with her first child and you might not be familiar with her boyfriend Matte Babel, so we’re going to fill you in.

The couple has been dating since late 2016 and they have kept their relationship relatively low-key over the years.

Matte is a former Entertainment Tonight Canada television host who is originally from Toronto, just like Shay. He currently works for Dreamcrew, the management company and entertainment company that oversees the rapper Drake‘s professional career and business portfolio.

Shay, 32, and Matte, 38, have been trying to have a baby for a while and she revealed back in January that they suffered a miscarriage last year.

We’ll likely get more insight into the couple’s relationship in Shay‘s YouTube series Almost Ready, which premieres in July.

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