Who's Better at TikTok Dances? 'Dance Moms' Star Chloe Lukasiak…or Her Mom Christi?

If there’s anyone who we’d think would absolutely slay TikTok dances, it would be a Dance Moms alum. Yup, and one of your favorite dancers from back in the day confirmed that her dance skills are still in tip-top shape.

Chloe Lukasiak joined us for an episode of TikTok Challenge Challenge where we had her learn a viral dance from the app to see if she could have it memorized and ~performance-ready~ in just 60 seconds. Oh, and you know we had to make this competitive. So, we brought in her mom and younger sister Clara to get in on the fun!

Kicking it all off, Chloe was dealt some difficult choreo—but, it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle! Not surprised!! Her mom took the stage right after and of course was hit with the hardest dance of them all. But Christi didn’t let that get to her and still tried her best…even though that meant throwing in some of her own moves. We’re here for it!

Meanwhile, Clara jumped in and did pretty well on her’s too. This fam just has it in their blood! Pssst, they also decided to go for a group round so def stay for that.

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