YouTuber Josh Pieters fakes being a restaurant to flog ready meals on Deliveroo

YouTube star Josh Pieters has been flogging ready meals on food delivery app Deliveroo.

Josh, who boasts nearly a million subscribers, along with pal Archie Manners managed to trick the app and many unsuspecting customers that he represented an Italian restaurant called "The Italian Stallion."

The pair even sorted the paperwork and built a website for the fake restaurant, and thanks to Deliveroo not requiring inspections, they were successful.

They managed to earn £100 by selling microwave ready meals over the app – but gave it all back.

Josh said in the video: "Deliveroo feeds 45,000 hungry Brits a night, while 9 million of us eat ready meals each evening.

"Which gave me the idea, would Deliveroo allow me to sell microwave meals on their app?

"Probably not. You can't just pretend your microwave is a restaurant."

On the fake website, Josh and Archie included a snap of their "head chef", which was actually Diva Forever star Gemma Collins during her stint on Masterchef . The site also showed arty photos of the ready meals.

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