Did Chris Hemsworth Just Throw Shade at Will Smith?

Will Smith has been an iconic name in Hollywood for three decades and has a net worth to prove it. He’s best known playing “The Fresh Prince,” Jay in the Men in Black franchise, and Robert Neville in I Am Legend. Oh, and 90s kids can’t forget Wild Wild West if only just for the addicting theme song he created. Smith is also revered for his successful marriage with the beautiful Jada Pinkett-Smith. Not to mention his children are constantly shaking things up. 

With everything but an Oscar in his corner, how could Chris Hemsworth even begin to throw shade in his direction? After all, Hemsworth is a baby in Hollywood years! One who had almost slipped through the cracks. 

It all started with a ‘Best Waiter Battle’

Admittedly, that makes zero sense in this context, but let’s clarify! Recently Hemsworth found himself face-to-face against James Corden in one of London’s fanciest and most high-end eateries. The purpose of this nonsensical contest: Find out which of them could handle the high-pressure world of the service industry. The battle was fierce and chock full of hilarity. Really, both men took this battle to the next level. Their competitive nature’s driving up the contest to insane extremes.

Ultimately, neither actor was all that great at their job. They were spending too much time pouring themselves into over-the-top antics to serve as a real waiter. While the majority of the restaurant thought the live skit was hilarious, there was at least one person turned off by the shenanigans. Can you really blame them though? They probably paid big bucks to get a good meal! Instead, they were served slap-stick comedy. 

What does the battle have to do with Will Smith?

So you’re probably still wondering how Smith’s name came up at all. Well, Hemsworth has taken on the role of one of the special agent’s in MIB: International. He’s known as Agent H. His partner is Tessa Thompson, Agent M. Sadly, Agent J doesn’t make an appearance in the film. His last hurrah was in Men In Black 3 in 2012. But of course, that didn’t help keep him safe from Hemsworth’s shade.

Chris Hemsworth took shots at the ‘MIB’ anthem

At some point during the night, The Late Late Show host began singing a recognizable parody of Smith’s iconic Men In Black theme. Remember — “Here come the Men in Black / They won’t let you remember”?

Well, Corden’s went something like this: “Here comes the rack of lamb / A very tasty dinner.” The parody honestly sounded like it was shaping up to be award-worthy, he even had the customer do the clap! Then, Hemsworth cut him off. 

“You actually don’t need to do that song,” Hemsworth said. 

“You don’t do that song in Men in Black? Well, what’s the point of Men in Black without that song?,” Corden replied.

This all while they are supposed to be setting down plates for guests! At least, Hemsworth had a real comeback waiting in the wings.

The Thor actor went on to say that the MIB team now has a better version. Can you imagine that? A better version of Smith’s theme — impossible. Without missing a beat, Hemsworth bust out in his own variant of the unforgettable theme.

“Here comes a better waiter,” Hemsworth sings out, wildly off-key. Corden cuts in not willing to miss a chance to get another hit in: “He’s a real masturbator.” The customers at the table can’t help but bust out laughing and even Hemsworth cracks a smile. Despite Corden’s exceptional service and top-notch jokes, Hemsworth managed to get the title of ‘Best Waiter’ in the end and take a shot at his MIB predecessor in the process.

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