Hitler film Jojo Rabbit branded ‘as funny as Schindler’s list’ by critics

German film critics have slammed Disney’s new Nazi comedy, branding it “as funny as Schindler’s List” in damming early reviews.

Movie buffs got their first look at the controversial black comedy Jojo Rabbit over the weekend as it opened at Toronto Film Festival.

Following a small boy whose mum hides a Jewish girl in their home and has evil dictator Adolf Hitler as his imaginary friend, the movie annoyed Germany months before its official release in January.

And several critics have also slammed it after the early screening.

One called it as funny as 1991’s Schindler’s List starring Liam Neeson who plays the businessman who saves thousands of Jews in Krakow from the horrors of the WW2 extermination chambers.

And another simply called it “utter rubbish, warning: “You just shouldn’t make jokes or p*sstakes about these things.”

The trailer for the film, which stars Scarlett Johansson, Rebel Wilson and Sam Rockwell, shows members of the Hitler youth throwing hand grenades and Hitler consoling the young boy.

A growing army of German film fans have already said they intend to boycott Jojo Rabbit on its European release for its jokes about The Third Reich.

It was hit with problems early in production as director Taika Waititi struggled to find an actor willing to play the Austrian tyrant.

And instead he was forced to take the role himself.

He said of the film: “I always fantasised about father figures and wanting that kind of presence in my life, and I think it’s no different for a boy growing up with a mother in Nazi Germany.

“We have to keep remembering and keep finding new and inventive ways of telling the same story so children can listen and grow and move forward unified and with love in the future.”

The movie was developed by Fox Searchlight before the Disney merger and has left some executives worried it will hurt the Mickey Mouse brand’s wholesome image.

But they are understood to be hopeful it will do well come awards season.

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