Ryan Reynolds ‘Green Lantern’ First Watch Ended Surprisingly

Along with the Deadpool movies, Ryan Reynolds’ most lucrative venture is likely his ownership of Aviation American Gin. So fans were intrigued when the actor teased he would pair his signature liquor with his most notorious career misfire, 2011’s Green Lantern. But while fans thought they knew what to expect, Reynolds’ Green Lantern watch played out very differently.

Ryan Reynolds sat down with some Aviation Gin and ‘Green Lantern’

On the one hand, Reynolds’ first-time watch of Green Lantern featured plenty of the actor’s signature sense of humor. He took to his Twitter feed to comment on everything from the movie’s CGI and questionable visual effects design to the “surprise” appearance of his wife, Blake Lively. She and Reynolds met during the making of the movie before marrying in 2012.

However, as his live-tweeting continued, Reynolds’ commentary became much more balanced. He called out co-star — and recent Grammy winner — Taika Waititi as an “international ambassador of joy.” The actor even heaped praise on all the “heavy hitters” in the cast, including Angela Bassett, Mark Strong, and the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ earned a shocking reaction from its star

During his online commentary of the film, Reynolds even took the time out to defend his delivery of the famous Green Lantern oath. Still, this modicum of respect for the film didn’t prepare fans for the actor’s ultimate assessment of Green Lantern.

“Maybe it’s the Aviation Gin talking, but #GreenLantern was nothing to fear!” Reynolds tweeted out after the credits began to roll. “Hundreds of incredible crew and cast members did amazing work — and while it’s not perfect, it ain’t a tragedy. Next time I won’t wait a decade to watch.”

Since its release, Reynolds’ Green Lantern has been the butt of countless jokes. Fans and critics alike ragged on the movie. And even Reynolds himself poked relentless fun at it in both Deadpool movies. In a mid-credits scene in Deadpool 2, Reynolds as Deadpool time-travels back to violently prevent Reynolds the actor from making Green Lantern.

Why did the ‘Green Lantern’ movie fail?

Following a decade of collective hate toward Green Lantern, the question remains why the movie was such a disappointment. After all, even Reynolds conceded it isn’t as bad as he expected. While a number of factors played into the movie’s performance, it can probably be most easily chalked up to timing. Superhero movies have evolved quite a bit over the years.

After all, Green Lantern hit theaters in the midst of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. “Dark” and “gritty” action heroes were in fashion in the early 2010s. Green Lantern director Martin Campbell even helped ensure that with 2006’s Casino Royale. Reynold’s movie hewed closer to campy comic book movies, an approach that had simply fallen out of fashion.

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