The Batman already has a connection to Superman – multiverse imminent?

Trailer: 'The Batman' starring Robert Pattinson by Warner Br

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Fans of Batman are nervously looking forward to the new rendition of the hero, portrayed by Pattinson. The Batman is set to be told from the perspective of a different kind of Bruce Wayne, one that is a lot more brooding and dark. But crucially, this version of Batman is in no way connected to the ongoing DC Comics Extended Universe (DCEU) – at least, so we thought. Now, the first hint of Batman’s involvement with Superman has been revealed just weeks before the movie’s release.

The official novelisation of The Batman tells the deeper backstory of The Riddler – the film’s main villain. Played by Paul Dano, this serial killer is set to challenge Batman’s wits and cunning more than any foe that has come before him. But it turns out the pair are uniquely connected in a stronger way than first realised.

The novelisation revealed Bruce and Edward Nashton (The Riddler’s real name) actually lived in the same orphanage as children.

Of course, Bruce’s time in the orphanage didn’t last long, as he was eventually taken on by Alfred Pennyworth, his butler and family friend. But the novel continues to follow Edward growing up in poverty. It is during one of these scenes that Edward hears a comment made by a character named Dex that confirms the existence of some major players in the DCEU.

The Batman: Robert Pattinson stars in dramatic first trailer

Dex said: “My dad and I need to get away. Maybe Metropolis. I hear LexCorp Race Team is taking on new mechanics.”

There’s a lot to unpack here.

First of all, this comment confirms the existence of Metropolis in director Matt Reeves’ DC Universe. Metropolis is, of course, the city where Superman lived and saved the world countless times. He famously worked at the city’s biggest tabloid, The Daily Planet. This comment also confirmed the appearance of one major supervillain: Lex Luthor.

Lex is the head of LexCorp, the evil corporation that is renowned for taking on the Superman throughout his reign. Both Superman and Lex have been seen on the big screen in recent years in Justice League and Batman V Superman. They were played by Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg respectively. Although their time as their characters have reportedly come to an end, the upcoming Flash movie could change all that.

In The Flash movie Michael Keaton is making a triumphant comeback as Batman in the upcoming multiversal movie, bringing back a classic version of the hero for the first time in 30+ years.

With the original Batman coming back into the fold, Superman could of course do the same. But does this hint of Metropolis and LexCorp mean Cavill and Eisenberg will be joining Pattinson in his new universe? Or will the revitalisation of the hero be catapulted into the multiverse with the arrival of The Flash movie?

The Batman hits cinemas on March 1.


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