10 Rules Glossier Founder Emily Weiss Followed To Achieve Success

Emily Weiss seems destined for success. The 35 years old entrepreneur has built a beauty empire with her company Glossier and changed how people consume products using social media. According to The Cut, thanks to recent investments, Glossier is now valued on $1.2 billion. Considering the company was launched in 2015, it all looks very fast.

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However, Weiss wasn’t just lucky and her success is not random. Several factors led her to the position she has today and we are going to list a few of them. Keep an eye on her name, as she will definitely achieve much more in the coming years. Weiss has done a lot, but she is just starting.

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10 She inspires confidence

Emily Weiss is one of those people who exude confidence and it was a quality she always had. When the now multimillionaire entrepreneur was 15 years old, she used to babysit for her neighbors, but taking care of children was not her goal. The father worked in a Ralph Lauren office and she convinced him to give her a job.

Weiss always seems to know she is doing the right thing and all her employers feel it. This confidence is one of the reasons she stood out at every job she has ever had.

9 She is dedicated

It seems like an obvious key for success, but its something that all prominent entrepreneurs have in common. When Emily was working at Ralph Lauren, she got the attention of senior designers due to her dedication and talent.

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“I proved myself to be very valuable,” Weiss told The Cut about her time at Ralph Lauren. “You have to be so many things. You have to be a sponge, you have to be respectful, you have to roll up your sleeves. I really earned my right to be there. I was just like, ‘Put me to work. I love work!'”

8 Resilient

Having a brilliant idea and being aware of its potential are the first steps to a successful business, but not everyone will immediately believe in your idea. Emily Weiss had to face her share of rejection when she came up with Glossier.

“When I started approaching venture-capital firms for funding, I heard the word “no” a lot,” Emily said during an interview with Quartz at Work. “Eventually, I figured out that as much as these seasoned investors were assessing whether I was the right fit for them, I was doing the same. I’m so grateful for my experience with Kirsten Green at Forerunner Ventures who gave me my first “yes.” I knew that meant she believed in what I wanted to accomplish, and I believed in her to help me do it.”

7 Strong Network

Many people know Emily Weiss as a successful beauty blogger who created a billionaire brand. However, when it comes to her success, that is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Most people who have worked with Weiss praise her dedication and intellect. Since she started working at the tender age of 15, she has been aware of the importance of building contacts, which has helped Emily develop her career.

Weiss had the same approach when she was a successful influencer. She was aware all those thousands of followers were potential costumers.

6 She questions everything

According to Forbes, the beauty industry is worth $445 billion around the world. Emily Weiss didn’t invent the products, but she recreated the experience of buying them.

“I think successful entrepreneurs question anything and everything,” explained Emily to Quartz at Work.” I don’t like using the word “disrupt,” but if you’re really going to change the way people think about beauty, mattresses, or eyeglasses, you have to reimagine the entire experience. Elon Musk isn’t thinking about what a car does or looks like when he’s designing a Tesla – he’s building it from scratch. It’s something I’ve tried to internalize.”

Succeeding in any industry requires a proper understanding of the ins and outs that go into every facet of the business.

5 Emilly Weiss understands the new consumers

Not so long ago, people used to make their shopping decisions based on price and, depending on the product, specialist reviews. However, social media came to change everything. Glossier was a brand that rose online and seemed to understand the new needs of the market.

Emily Weiss is a young entrepreneur who understands these changes and recognizes the needs of her customers, which is essential to Glossier’s success. The result is a brand that is available worldwide and made for the social media generation. Even the packs are beautiful to post and some of them are customizable.

4 Everybody is an influencer

“At Glossier, something we’ve always stayed very true to, since pre-launch, day one, is that every single person is an influencer,” Weiss said in an interview to Recode Decode podcast.

For Weiss, it doesn’t matter if a customer has a million or a hundred followers, she will be able to impact someone’s opinion. Glossier often reposts customer pictures on its own social media, that has more than 2 million followers. In turn, this motivates consumers to post pictures tagging Glossier.

3 Listen to good ideas

An excellent idea for a product or marketing campaign can come from anyone, something Weiss appreciates. Probably because she recognizes that somebody trusted her when she was starting out at a very young age, Weiss is willing to listen to people regardless of the position they have at the company.

“There’s no hierarchy when it comes to a good idea, whether it comes from an intern or an executive, so the same should be true when it comes to my attention,” stated Emily during her Quartz of Work interview.

2 She listens to her customers

As a brand that was born thanks to social media, Glossier maintains a close relationship with its customers. They not only consume the final product but are essential during the planning process.

“At Glossier, we constantly think about how we can make the customer a part of the company,” told Weiss to Quartz at Work. “We’re having conversations with her, exchanging content with her, asking her questions, and applying all of that to everything that we do, whether it be product development or our next campaign.”

1 Meditation

Running a billionaire beauty empire can be draining. Emily Weiss knows that; luckily, she has discovered a great way to cleanse the mind and relieve some stress.

“I wish I had started meditating earlier. It’s something I try to do every day no,” told her to Quartz at Work. “I’m running a company that takes a mindful approach to products and to taking care of yourself, so it makes sense for me to apply that philosophy to my own life. It does more than relax me: It helps inform the kind of leader I am and the decisions that I make at Glossier.”

Overwork leads to burn-out and a decline in performance, so knowing when and how to relax is just as important as working hard.

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