Artist of the Week: Tool

Every album that the four-piece rock band has released throughout their career has always been consistently good and gathering positive reviews from music critics.

AceShowbiz -Having members who are talented musical geniuses and music that is so good it makes their listeners get sucked into it, Tool has a strong influence in the industry and gained a lot of people’s respect due to their unusual approach in music. Every album that they have released so far has always been consistently good and gathering positive reviews from music critics.

These are most likely the reason why their albums sells well even without all the bonuses that usually come with other artists’ release. For instance, their latest album “Fear Inoculum” managed to do well in music charts, even beating strong contender Taylor Swift‘s “Lover”, as it arrived at No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart. Not only that, but their new album also marked the biggest sales week for a rock album after Dave Matthews Band‘s 2018 effort “Come Tomorrow”.

It is understandable why the hype on “Fear Inoculum” was so big, given that people had been waiting to hear their new music for 13 years. Of course, the band didn’t let people down because their new music met many people’s expectation. Critics gave the album critical acclaim, with NME even giving them a perfect score because the album was just that good.

The Boston Globe praised the album for being “an 80-minute prog-metal fever dream that proves the band is back and better than ever.” Meanwhile, The Atlantic described it as “precise and devastating as it has always been” containing a “nearly unhandle-able amount of that Tool feeling.”

“Fear Inoculum” is just one of the many works that show how good Tool is as an artist. There is also their 2006 album, “10,000 Days”, that sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week and won a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package. Meanwhile, its singles “Vicarious” and “The Pot” were nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance.

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