Brian May on INCREDIBLE thing Freddie Mercury would do when he wrote Queen songs for him

Queen guitarist Brian May wrote a number of the band’s biggest hits from We Will Rock You to Hammer to Fall. And now the 72-year-old has revealed how Freddie Mercury would take his lyrics and tunes and make them even more incredible. Speaking on Rock and Roll with Sammy Hager Road Trip, May admitted: “I loved to write for Freddie.”

The Queen legend continued: “I loved to see him do his stuff with us.

“You would give Freddie something and he would make it into something else.

“He would take it to the next place. So I miss that.”

Mercury sadly died almost 30 years ago, but he’s still very much with Queen says May.


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The 72-year-old opened up about missing his dear friend when touring Japan with Queen and Adam Lambert in January.

May told Asahi Shimbun: “Yes, it’s something we all feel.

“Certainly Roger [Taylor] and I feel it, yes.

“Sometimes when people ask you a question, we have a feeling we’d know what Freddie would say.”

He continued: “It’s not because he was predictable, but we kind of know his unpredictability.

“And, of course, he was like a brother to us, so we know him very, very well.

“We created this whole scenario which is Queen; this whole genre, this whole oeuvre if you will of Queen music.

“And it’s wonderful that people are now discovering it in even more detail now than they did in the past.”

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May added: “So Freddie is always with us. He has to because he’s a co-creator.

“There are moments when I feel sad, of course, because he’s not here to enjoy it.

“But mostly I feel great joy that we had this experience and we had this wonderful spectrum of Queen music that we can still explore and communicate and share with a new audience.

“So it’s a good feeling I have about Freddie.”

Queen continues today as May and drummer Taylor, while bassist John Deacon retired in the nineties.

The band tour with Adam Lambert and recently released a charity single.

Queen and Adam Lambert recorded You Are The Champions remotely between London and Los Angeles.

Proceeds go towards the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

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