Britney Spears fans concerned as she covers face with towel in topless pic

Fans of Britney Spears have been left feeling concerned once again after she posted a photo with a white towel on her face following the release of a video where she appeared to be shouting at her children.

Over the last few weeks, the 40-year-old has been raising alarm bells amongst her Instagram followers as they have become increasingly worried about the content she has posted on the social media site.

But the Gimme More singer has failed to ease fans' worries after she took to the platform to share a picture of herself with a white towel on her face.

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Britney captioned the photo: "I’D RATHER GO BLIND! WHAT’S WORTH A SHOT? JUST SAYING," followed by three emojis with shrugged shoulders.

Taking to the comment section, fans expressed their uneasiness once more.

One person wrote: "Hate to say this but something is definitely wrong. Her dad was not wrong."

Another penned: "This is such an obvious cry for HELP… so sad no one sees it…"

While a third chimed: "I really feel sorry for you and really hope you can find a job that makes people interested in you because you don't seem happy in this industry of modelling and singing."

However some believed the unusual snap may be in relation to the videos her ex-partner Kevin Federline released which appeared to show Britney arguing with their sons.

In the old resurfaced clip, the award winning singer appeared to be telling her children off who were 11 and 12 years old at the time.

After seeing the video, fans shared their support under her post too and reminded her that she is a great mum despite the relationship she currently has with her boys.

Heading straight to the comment section once, one social media user wrote: "After everything that’s happened in Britney’s life and how she supports her family while not getting love in return.. IDK how she’s able to dance and smile like she does.

"She pays for her children who don’t approve of her videos? LOL So unappreciative. After watching the Kfed video I support Britney. They really do need to treat her better."


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