Chloe Madeley says James Haskell only likes to romp at certain times

Today (April 2) marks James Haskell's birthday and so to mark the occasion, we've had a look back at one of his racier podcast episodes with wife Chloe Madeley.

Chloe once said hubby James only wants to romp in the afternoons – because he is too tired at night.

The telly presenter, 33, said the ex-rugby star’s preferred time has caused chaos with their sex life during lockdown.

Speaking on their Couples Quarantine with James Haskell and Chloe Madeley podcast, she said: “When we first started dating and throughout the beginning of our marriage, it was fairly to be expected that the evening in bed together was our time.

“You’ve completely pulled the rug out from under me. He has decided he doesn’t like it at night.

“He will only now have sex in the afternoon when I work, train, cook, clean.

“We are in this weird situation when I have to give up time professionally, personally, domestically or it doesn’t happen. Which I think is unbelievably unfair on me.”

Former I’m A Celebrity contestant James, 35, admitted “timing is our issue” when it comes to romping.

He added: “At night because I work quite hard in the day, I train, I am getting older, my body is pretty battered.

“I am more of an afternoon operator, that is when I do my best work.

“At night time, I associate bed with sleep.

“I am tired, it is not my preferred zone.”

Chloe has previously opened up about her steamy sex life with her husband, telling Fabulous: "I'm a really sexual person, and if I had a partner who didn't want to have a very sexual relationship then that would be a problem for me.

"I'd struggle in terms of feeling satisfied and loved. So thank God it is massive for James."

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