Comedian Jaboukie was suspended from Twitter after impersonating CNN in a tweet about Joe Biden's sex life

  • Comedian Jaboukie Young-White is known on Twitter for using his previously verified account, @jaboukie, to impersonate verified accounts like the "Cats" movie and the FBI.
  • On Monday, he impersonated CNN's Breaking News account and made a tweet that appeared to explain Democratic Candidate Joe Biden's recent virtual absence.
  • Twitter un-verified Jaboukie on Monday in addition to suspending his account, leading other users to call the platform to "free Jaboukie."
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Comedian and "Daily Show" correspondent Jaboukie Young-White is known for using his verified status on Twitter to make satirical tweets while impersonating other verified accounts, but it appears that his most recent blue checkmark gag may have been his last. As of Tuesday, his account is suspended, and it appears to have been stripped of its verified status.

That's likely a direct result of a tweet from Monday in which Jaboukie tweeted from his account, @jaboukie, "BREAKING: Joe Biden is not DEAD. He just getting some d-ck. We've all been there" When he made the tweet, however, he changed his display name and icon to match that of the CNN Breaking News account. Because his account was verified at the time, it appeared as if CNN actually did tweet about the Democratic frontrunner taking a coital hiatus.  

The satirical tweet was in reference to mounting calls on social media over Vice President Joe Biden's virtual campaign absence after last Tuesday's primaries. It's not the first time that Jaboukie has impersonated other verified accounts, either: in July 2019, impersonating the "Cats" movie account, he tweeted, "The cats in Cats (2019) will have realistic spiked penises;" on Martin Luther King Jr. day in 2020, he appeared as the FBI to tweet, "Just because we killed MLK doesn't mean we can't miss him."

The Joe Biden tweet, however, seems to have been the straw that broke the camel's back. While this isn't the first time that Twitter has suspended Jaboukie (public memory serves that he was suspended after the "Cats" tweet and the FBI tweet, as well as in 2017 for a tweet criticizing media coverage of Nazis), Twitter finally stripped the comedian of his blue checkmark. Before the suspension kicked in, Jaboukie tweeted out a criticism of what it means to be verified on Twitter.

Twitter users are now calling for Twitter to "free Jaboukie" and remembering some of his greatest social media moments. Until Jaboukie returns, you can relive his account through the "giabuchi's deleted tweets" Twitter account and this "in memoriam" video compiling some of his greatest hits.

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