Dani Dyer shares how she once caught her parents having sex on a family holiday

Dani Dyer has shared how she once caught her parent ‘in flagrante’ while on a family holiday together.

The 25-year-old reality star was left in hysterics after the encounter with her EastEnders dad Danny Dyer and mum Joanne Mas.

The former Love Island winner said she caught the pair after they made a cheeky escape from the holiday group to “fill out their Covid paperwork”.

In reality, the lovebirds had decided to sneak away for some alone time together.

But the couple were fooling no one, as Dani said her and her sister Sunnie both knew exactly what their parents were up to when they disappeared.

Dani opened up about the hilarious incident on the latest episode of her podcast with her soap star dad, Sorted with the Dyers.

Lifting the lid on the family’s summer holiday, Dani said Danny had got “caught” in the lie.

As host Danny welcomed his listeners back, he started off by saying: “We were on holiday, me and your mum had our annual …”.

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But before he could finish his sentence, his daughter erupted into a fit of laughter.

After catching her breath, Dani giggled: “You did get caught to be fair!

"You and mum – it was so funny, me and Sunnie were really laughing, you and mum just disappeared one afternoon and everyone's like 'where's mummy and daddy?’

"And we were really laughing like, 'we don't want to know' … it was so obvious you couldn't have been more obvious if you tried.”

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Danny replied by arguing he was entitled to be allowed some private time with his wife.

“Well, we brought everyone on holiday, and we are entitled to be able to have a roll about, to have a knee trembler in the shower,” he quipped.

Dani celebrated her 25th birthday while on their summer holiday, surrounded by all her loved ones.

Dani brought her baby son Santiago on the tropical getaway after his dad, Sammy Kimmence, was sentenced to three and a half years in jail for fraud.

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