Danniella Westbrook’s daughter says star is ‘doing well’ after health battle

Danniella Westbrook's daughter Jodie Jenkins has opened up about her mum's recovery and says she is doing great.

The stunning 20-year-old spoke exclusively to the Daily Star about her EastEnders star mum and how she has been getting on with her health recovery.

Danniella has been in and out of hospital with operations in recent months, but Jodie has given an update on how she's getting on.

Jodie said: "She's doing well and she's doing really well for herself. I haven't seen her as much because I've been working but we keep in contact as much as we can.

"Nowadays, I have quite a healthy relationship with my mum and my dad, so it's lovely, she's doing really well."

Jodie also lifted the lid on some awful online stalking she had received and how she was "taunted" by bullies about her mum.

The social media pro spoke of the backlash she has received over the years after growing up in the spotlight.

She said: "I think the thing is when you grow up whether your mum is famous or not and you have family issues then you are always going to get taunted.

"A lot of people grow up in the famous industry, and whether they're Obama or Danniella Westbrook, you are going to get taunted for who your mum or dad is because they're in the limelight and people are jealous.

"No matter what they do for their day to day life."

Jodie continued: "I've had my own trolls for my own reasons and I've had my own stalkers and stuff like that so it's been pretty hard.

"So, that's why when I have social media I try to open up as much as I can and say it's ok for someone to comment.

"I've had so much hate in my life and through lockdown, I think people found it really hard to cope with for a while, mental health was at an all-time high.

"I had people that were saying very personal stuff to me, I don't know if I knew them but they were saying really weird stuff and it didn't match up."

Sharing how it made her feel, she explained: "It scared me for a bit but I thought do you know what I've been at a hard place myself and people cope in different ways, and if someone needs to take their emotions out on me then do it."

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