Denise van Outen wears sexy burlesque outfits for Eddie as work gets her in mood

Denise Van Outen has revealed that she takes her sexy outfits from her London cabaret show and wears them around the house on occasion for partner Eddie Boxshall.

Currently, Denise, 47, performs in the London show Cabaret All Stars Ft. Denise Van Outen most weekends and for her onstage moments she dolls up in fancy lingerie.

The Vegas-style burlesque cabaret show features Denise as its showstopper star where she shows off her amazing vocals to adoring audiences.

When asked if she ever puts on the kinky outfits at home for partner Eddie, Denise confirmed that she, in fact, does indeed.

Denise said: "Oh yes on occasions, I have walked around the kitchen in my outfits."

The star also revealed that she loves getting all dressed up for the shows and said that the raunchy line-up surrounding her spurs on her inner sexiness.

She continued: "I work with such an amazing group of talented people, the artists are incredible, and when you're in a dressing room and you've got all these scantily clad people next door to you who are in their 20s, it can't help but rub off on you.

"There's a really nice sexy vibe backstage so you just get yourself in the mood."

Denise slays in her outfits and explained that she feels the need to "look after herself" while doing these types of shows.

She added: "It's nice being part of a burlesque cabaret show, you definitely make sure you look after yourself when you're doing something like this."

The actress also spilt the secrets into how she maintains her fabulous figure and admitted she has seen a big difference since changing her diet last year.

Denise has mainly cut meat out of her diet and has enjoyed finding alternatives veggie alternatives, hence why she has decided to join Quorn's new campaign to help encourage Brits to ditch meat this summer.

She added: "I sort of changed my diet really, which was one of the reasons why I wanted to get involved with this campaign.

"We've completely cut back on eating meat, now we dedicate one day a month to eating veg and the rest of time we are meat-free.

"It's made a huge difference and made me conscious of what I do eat, last year instead of big meat BBQs we went for Quorn alternatives, and since Eddie has physically bulked up in a good way and got more muscle definition."

To encourage Brits to try a meat-free picnic this summer, actress and presenter Denise Van Outen is partnering with Quorn to deliver meat-free picnics for free via the Deliveroo app in London and Manchester on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th August 2021, for 1p while stocks last.

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