Elvis Presley: The piece of Graceland’s upstairs that’s been brought down for fans to see

Graceland: Take a live virtual tour of Elvis' Memphis home

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When Elvis Presley first moved into Graceland in 1957 he had an open house policy for the Memphis Mafia to come and go as they pleased. However, the upstairs was his private space and he installed a privacy wall on the landing with a couple of one-way mirrors. In 1982, some five years after his death, the Memphis mansion opened for tours, but to this day The King’s daughter Lisa Marie keeps Graceland’s upstairs off-limits.

Graceland’s upstairs features a number of rooms, but most notable are Elvis Presley’s bedroom and office.

Now interestingly a piece of his workspace has been brought downstairs for fans to see to this day.

On display behind glass in the mansion’s trophy room is Elvis’ personal office desk.

Graceland archivist Angie Marchese shared some facts about the unique item during a recent virtual live tour that Express.co.uk took part in.

Inside the trophy room, the Elvis expert said: “Unfortunately we weren’t able to take you guys upstairs, but we have brought a little bit of the upstairs down. This is Elvis’ desk from his office upstairs.”

The state of the art desk was a gift from The King’s record company RCA in 1961 for selling a million copies of his film soundtrack Blue Hawaii.

On top is a small dog statue, while a larger one stands next to the desk on the floor.

At the back of the desk in the middle is a tiny TV, while the furniture also features a radio system and a later installed 8-track tape deck.

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Angie continued: “Now on it you do see part of Elvis’ book collection…Elvis had lots of books.

“He was well-read on religions and philosophy, but he also loved biographies and sporting books [covering] karate, football, horses.

“There’s about 6-700 books in our collection. A lot of them are well-read.”

During the live virtual tour, a fan asked if any of Elvis’ books are still in his bedroom upstairs at Graceland.

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Angie replied: “There are some in his bedroom. We have a lot of them in the archives.

“But everything that was upstairs when he passed is still upstairs on the bookshelves in his office and in his bedroom.

“Everything that is upstairs is still catalogued where it was found and it’s still there. So the records, the books – all of that is still upstairs.”

The King even had a reading chair in his bedroom aboard his private jet the Lisa Marie and always travelled with a box of books when on tour.

Elvis had a habit of writing his thoughts inside his books as he read and would underline passages.

Among The King’s book collection are classic novels like Gone with the Wind.

While he even had a copy of the Warren report which investigated the assassination of JFK.

The book Elvis was reading when he died on the toilet in 1977 was A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus by Frank O Adams.

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