Eminem fans think he's why Joe Biden won Michigan in US election

With Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden winning Michigan in the US election, some Eminem fans think the rapper is the one to thank.

The former vice president, 77, is leading the race to the White House and according to the vote counted thus far, the Democrats managed to flip the rapper’s hometown Michigan back to Blue.

After President Donald Trump won the state in 2016, the latest election saw more votes go to Biden – and he might just have Eminem to thank for it.

Hours before election day, Biden shared a campaign ad which featured Eminem’s iconic 8 Mile hit Lose Yourself.

Eminem proudly reposted the video on Twitter as he wrote: ‘One opportunity… #Vote.’

According to some of the rapper’s fans, that 45-second clip helped Biden cinch the win.

The black-and-white video montage urged people to make their way to the polls so they may have a point.

One fan tweeted: ‘I’d like to think Eminem allowing the Biden campaign to use Lose Yourself led to this.’

Another added: ‘Biden uses Eminem’s lose yourself track for his campaign ad and now he’s just won Michigan Must feel great 😂😂😂 #ElectionNight.’

While one fan joked: ‘Detroit really rallied behind that Biden/Eminem thing, huh?’

One more wrote: ‘Let’s be honest. Eminem is the real reason Biden won Michigan.’

You only get one shot, right?

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