Gemma Collins shows off her weight loss in mesh sports bra during workout

Gemma Collins popped into the garden today to motivate her fans as she wore a sheer exercise bra in a video.

The businesswoman, 40, stood in the garden with her kettlebell telling everyone to get up “GC style” as she showed off her weight loss as she continues to work on herself.

Squeezing a workout into her hectic schedule, the reality star urged her fans to get moving, as she flexed the kettlebell in the sunshine.

She said: "The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, so if you want to get out and have a walk, go and do it.

"And literally, I'm just working in the garden today because I’ve got a hectic hectic day, with my kettlebell."

"If you’re feeling unmotivated, get up GC style, get moving," she finished.

As Gemma has continued along her weight loss journey, she has bravely spoken out on her ongoing battle with PCOS – polycystic ovary syndrome.

Updating her fans last week, she said: "My PCOS hasn't been great this week, but I found the strength to keep going. I did easier workouts and knew to listen to my body.

“I went to bed earlier got up a little later and didn't overdo it. I'm always juggling a lot of plates but I just took it slower."

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A number of fans offered their support to the star as she opened up about working around PCOS, with one saying: "I never knew you had PCOS. It's tough at times, you are just inspire others! Please raise PCOS awareness."

PCOS is a common condition that affects the ovaries, the main symptoms of PCOS being excessive hair growth, difficulty getting pregnant and weight gain.

Gemma has been working hard on her journey, with celebrity supporters like Joe Wicks egging her on.

Joe said to Metro: 'It's about inspiring and people have different journeys. It's not always about fat loss and weight loss, some people have a positive message around mental health and how they feel.

'I don't know Gemma Collins personally… but good luck to anyone trying to inspire the people."

After losing the three stone, Gemma had told her fans she was feeling positive about her body.

Speaking to the camera she said: “I'm not 100% there yet, but I'm getting there.”

While talking to GC podcast about her journey and previous promotions for diet products like the Skinny Jab, Gemma expressed her regret in the deal as she focused on a more direct form of exercise to lose weight.

She said: “I kind of regret doing it but I feel like sometimes you're in such a desperate place and you want to lose weight but actually I've come away from all the diet promotion because I wish we could get rid of that word diet.

'It is so important that we keep getting that message home to people, that beauty is more than just these pumped-up faces, it's not all about that.”

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